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Airspace users

Aircraft operators planning their route across NEFAB are provided with Entry and Exit points to/from the FRA, located at the FRA boundary.
It is now possible to select between shortest distance or inserting intermediate points and taking the benefit from prevailing wind conditions.

Flights intending to operate above FL285 may take benefit from planning a user preferred route through the whole of the combined NEFAB and DKSE FRA area.

NEFAB Domestic flights
For flights between NEFAB aerodromes the aircraft operators may flight plan freely between Departure point and Arrival point, which are located in the vicinity of aerodromes.
Most of these domestic flights would select the shortest route straight from Departure point to an Arrival point.

Departing/Arriving NEFAB aerodromes
For flights departing and arriving within NEFAB states towards other airspaces the aircraft operators may flight plan freely their journey between Entry and Arrival points (or Departure and Exit points).



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