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Airspace users

FREE ROUTE AIRSPACE is defined as a specified airspace within which users may freely plan a route between a defined entry point and a defined exit point, with the possibility to route via intermediate (published or unpublished) waypoints, without reference to the ATS route network, subject to airspace availability. Within this airspace, flights remain subject to air traffic control.

The NEFAB FREE ROUTE AIRSPACE is a groundbreaking concept where the FRA extends to lower levels of controlled airspace as well as across NEFAB FIR-boundaries

NEFAB Free Route Airspace provides extensive freedom for the airspace users in their flight planning through NEFAB states’ airspace.
It is now possible to plan the most optimal route through the whole of NEFAB Free Route Airspace regardless of the ATS routes.

Airspace Management (ASM) and Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) concepts ensure the best possible predictability for planning and operating in the NEFAB airspace, for both civil and military airspace users.