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NEFAB 5 year Business Plan 2013-2017

by NEFAB Programme

The Air Navigation Services Providers of the North European Functional Airspace Block (NEFAB) are pleased to present our 5 year business plan 2013 – 2017. NEFAB started operations on the 4th of December 2012 in accordance with the requirements of the Single European Sky legislation. The NEFAB 5 year Business Plan paves the way for important and substantial improvements in Air Traffic Management systems and procedures across the NEFAB States.
The main items in the five-year business plan are:
-           ‘Airspace 2015’, which aims to establish a more efficient route network, as well as a continuous ‘free route airspace’ across the NEFAB States, and
-            ‘ATS provision 2015’, which aims to improve the way in which air traffic services (ATS) are organised and provided and enable free route operations.
These projects are closely coordinated with Sweden and Denmark. The potential benefits to the users of air navigation services (air carriers and other aircraft operators) of these projects alone are substantial. The route length can be reduced with 8500NM per day, reducing costs accordingly. In terms of environmental impact the reduced flight length can reduce CO2 emissions with more than 136 tonnes per day.
Download NEFAB Business Plan 2013-2017 here  or in Documents section