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NEFAB ANSPs updated the cooperation strategy to address the topical challenges in European ATM


The CEO Board and the Management Board of NEFAB ANSPs held common seminar in Tallinn, Estonia on 22-23 May for updating strategy for coming years. It was felt important to maintain the recognized good ATM service and quality levels in NEFAB area also in the future with the aim for good customer experience.

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Expansion of NEFAB FRA


There will be a change in NEFAB Free Route Airspace by the expansion of Free Route Airspace to EFHK TMA between FL95-FL285. The change will enter in force on 25 APR 2019 (Reference AIC Finland Publication date 20 DEC 2018; Information will be published in full by AIP AIRAC AMDT 03/2019, the publication date being 28 FEB 2019).

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FINEST programme developments


FINEST programme supports the Single European Sky concept being a bi-lateral cooperation programme between Estonian ANS and ANS Finland ensuring the business contingency, increasing cost efficiency and sustainability of the services provided.

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