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NEFAB Business Plan 2015-2019

by NEFAB Programme
NEFAB Business Plan 2015-2019 has been approved by NEFAB ANSP CEO Board. The document outlines the planned strategic developments and summarises internal activities and plans of NEFAB ANSPs.
The main focuses of the five year business plan are:

  • Support the Single European Sky developments with the aim to achieve the Reference Period 2 (RP2) performance targets for safety, cost-efficiency, capacity and environment:
    • operational improvements will be delivered by NEFAB Target Concept by which Free Route Airspace will be implemented in NEFAB airspace;
    • co-operation with Danish-Swedish FAB will be continued in NEFRA Programme for further improvements and with the aim for cross-border air traffic services;
    • implementation of new technology (surveillance, navigation) will be pursued to improve cost-efficiency.
  • Further intensify NEFAB internal co-operation:
    • new business models for the support services will be sought in order to achieve improvements in cost-efficiency.
  • Support European network efficiency and operations through co-operation with Network Manager according to Network Strategy Plan

NEFAB Business Plan 2015-2019 is available in the Documents section.

See enclosed files: