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EANS, FINAVIA and LGS to successfully participate in the ANSPs IDP Implementation Project

by NEFAB Programme

The NEFAB air navigation service providers from the EU member states Estonia (EANS), Finland (Finavia) and Latvia (LGS) together with a number of other EU air navigation service providers have successfully participated in the ANSPs Interim Deployment Implementation Project, co-funded by the EU within the TEN-T framework.

The Project represents a coordinated approach of the air navigation service providers to the implementation of the activities of the Interim Deployment Programme (IDP) for early SESAR deployment activities within the timeframe of 2012-2015. The Project covers five out of the seven Activity Areas included in the IDP, aimed at improved network performance and benefits for airspace users, i.e. airspace management improvements and data sharing, airport CDM, air-ground data link, automated assistance to controllers for seamless coordination transfer and dialogue, and RNP approach.

As of January 2015, SESAR deployment activities will be carried out by the Commission’s appointed Deployment Manager, the SESAR Deployment Alliance to improve efficiency, lower delays and raise environmental performance.

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