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NEFAB Free Route Airspace implemented


A milestone towards a seamless airspace across NEFAB and DK/SE FAB will be reached on 12 November, 2015, as the NEFAB States implement Free Route Airspace

The States of the North European Functional Airspace Block, NEFAB, will implement Free Route Airspace (FRA) from 12 November 2015. NEFAB FRA initially consists of two volumes - Finland, Estonia and Latvia above FL95 as one - and Norway above FL135 as another.  These two volumes will connect above FL285 with the already existing FRA in the Danish-Swedish functional airspace block using harmonized flight planning rules.

The connected FRAs of NEFAB and DK/SE FAB offer wider benefits to airspace users enabling them to plan and take the most cost effective routes across a considerable airspace volume. It will save time and money, and lead to benefits for the environment through a lower consumption of fuel.

The North European Free Route Airspace (NEFRA) across DK/SE FAB and NEFAB will be implemented in phases.  A continuous FRA across the two FABs above FL285 will become unrestricted in summer 2016.
The NEFRA concept will be the basis of future FRA solution across nine states, including DK/SE FAB, NEFAB, UK/IE FAB and Iceland.

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