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Avinor and Finavia agree on cross border air traffic services

By NEFAB Programme

On September 1, the air navigation service providers Avinor Flysikring AS and Finavia Corporation signed the Service Agreement committing themselves to cross border Air Traffic Services between Norway and Finland already this autumn.

In line with the Agreement, the parties have agreed to transfer the responsibility for Air Traffic Services from parts in the Finnish airspace to Kirkenes Tower/Approach in Norway. The new arrangement will facilitate more efficient flight operations in this cross-border area and will serve the interests of airspace users.

The Agreement has drawn inspiration from the cooperation of the parties within the North European Functional Airspace Block, NEFAB, recognising that cross border services are an essential step in building more efficient and optimised airspace.  The arrangement is in line with the NEFAB State Level Agreement pursuing coordinated establishment of cross border areas.  It is at the moment awaiting the final acceptance from the state authorities to start operations, planned as of 10 November.


Picture: Kirkenes map