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Heads-up and Agenda: Consultation workshop on cross-border Free Route operations in Northern Europe

NEFAB air navigation service providers – ANS Finland, Avinor, EANS and LGS are organising Customer Consultation in Oslo (Gardermoen Airport) on September 7, 2017 to exchange experiences of cross-border Free Route operations in Northern Europe and hear customers’ opinions on changes in our airspace.

NEFRA – seamless Free Route operations across two functional airspace blocks, NEFAB and DK/SE FAB were introduced on May 25 2017 expanding the area where airspace users can fly their preferred trajectories above FL285 as if in one airspace. We are eager to discuss the experiences and challenges with using the cross-border FRA opportunities in this area with airline operators and flight planning service providers.

The Customer Consultation will be held at Oslo Gardermoen on the 7th September 2017 from 12:00 – 16:30 local time. It will be tailored for flight planners/dispatchers from airlines, flight planning service providers, and related experts. The key objective of the workshop is to unlock the full potential of FRA through exchanging experiences on the cross-border FRA operations, their impact on flight planning, benefits and issues encountered in the NEFRA. In addition, we would like to consult our customers on the need for fixed route network.

ANSPs will be represented by operational experts from NEFAB together with DK/SE FAB air navigation service providers Naviair and LFV, engaged in development and implementation of the FRA concept. EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager will be represented by experts from Operations Planning and NMOC.

Please see the Agenda attached here or go to FRA Consultations at Airspace Users. For more information please contact Ms Solvita Maskova,, phone (+371) 67300800 at NEFAB Programme Office.