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NEFAB presented a positive message to the European community

by NEFAB Project

On Monday the 6th of February; the NEFAB-partners presented a positive message to the European community during a meeting in Brussels.

“We are “en route” in our efforts to establish The North European Functional Airspace Block in December 2012. As the member states and partners now move forward with this process, I feel assured that by the end of this year, a new chapter in the North-European aviation industry is about to be written. The result of this will be increased flight efficiency, higher safety levels and a greener environment,” says Gerli Rebane, Head of State Level Group, NEFAB.

According to a Feasibility Study the calculated benefits of the FAB are expected to reach at least 340 million Euros for the period 2012-2025. The flight efficiency provided by the FAB will reduce the fuel consumption, thereby reducing the CO2 emissions.

First presentation of its kind
On December 22nd 2011 Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Norway and the Air Navigation Service Providers (EANS, Finavia, LGS and Avinor) provided the European Commission with the documentation required by the EU to establish a North European Functional Airspace Block (NEFAB) by December 2012. The documents were provided the Commission 6 months ahead to the deadline set by the EU. This gave NEFAB the opportunity to be the first FAB, invited by the Commission, to present the entire concept and framework to stakeholders. During an observation period that lasts until 12th of March 2012, the EU Commission and all stakeholders are invited to bring forward questions and remarks regarding the documentation.
The states plan to sign the agreements for establishment of NEFAB during the spring of 2012.

Positive feedback from the Commission After the presentation NEFAB received positive responses from both the Commission and stakeholders.
“This was a very constructive meeting and I believe it saved us all a lot of time and energy, making the NEFAB project more accessible. You got some difficult questions, but you answered them well,” said Olivier Waldner, Head of Unit Single European Sky and Director-General for Energy and Transport at the European Commission. He also underlined the importance of all the future FAB-operations in Europe.

The entire concept and framework The agenda for the meeting was to present the total framework of the NEFAB-initiative; including safety measures, the operational and technical concept, the business case as well as the human and social factors involved in the process of establishing the FAB.

What is a FAB? “Functional Airspace Block” means an airspace block based on operational requirements and established regardless of State boundaries, where the provision of air navigation services and related functions are performance-driven and optimised with a view to introducing, in each functional airspace block, enhanced
cooperation among air navigation service providers or, when appropriate, an integrated provider. Regulation (EC) No 1070/2009 amending Regulation (EC) No 549/2004