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NEFAB Project Newsletter #3

by NEFAB Project

The NEFAB Project has released the Newsletter #3 featuring NEFAB declaration and establishment activities. NEFAB is well on track to be established and functional by the end of 2012. The scope of activities is transition from Project to FAB operations and realisation of benefits through airspace develepement and ATS provision, and through business opportunities.

The establishment will focus on defining the organisational structure, decision processes, programme functions, transition processes from NEFAB Project to NEFAB Operations, followed by recruitment. These activities will be executed in close cooperation with the State level group and the NSA group. Once NEFAB is formally established and functional, the NEFAB Project will be terminated and will continue as the NEFAB Programme with the new structures.

The Newsletter also highlights the signing of the MoU by air navigation service providers of NEFAB, Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden.

Download the Newsletter below.  

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