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Free Route Airspace implementation consultation

by NEFAB Programme

The NEFAB Programme will inform airspace users about the coming implementation of the Free Route Airspace at the Air Navigation Consultative Board (stakeholders’ consultation meeting) in Helsinki on 12 October.

Customers will be briefed on the upcoming airspace changes, due to be implemented on November 12 2015. It will include flight planning rules, airspace management, further developments and other relevant topics.

The customer briefing will be part of the NEFAB Air Navigation Services Consultative Board meeting at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland.

Please follow us on to have more detailed coverage on the event. More information and presentations will be provided in the Free Route Airspace events section.

NEFAB states will implement Free Route Airspace on November 12 2015, with incremental steps being taken towards a seamless connection of Free Route Airspace volumes above FL285 across NEFAB and DK/SE FAB in 2016. The cooperation will develop further within the Borealis Free Route Airspace Programme, aiming to connect the FRA volumes across  NEFAB, DK/SE FAB, UK/Ireland FAB and Iceland by 2020, enabling airspace users plan and take the most cost effective, fuel efficient and timely routes across the entire airspace managed by Borealis members.