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NEFAB Programme Business Plan 2016-2020

NEFAB Programme Business Plan 2016-2020

by NEFAB Programme


The air navigation service providers of the North European Functional Airspace Block (NEFAB) hereby present the Business Plan for 2016 – 2020 to serve as a strategic roadmap for further five years.

The key focus of these coming years are requirements set forth by the SES II+ and the Reference Period 2 of the Performance Scheme, contribution to the Borealis Free Route Airspace Programme, arising competing markets, and enhanced business angle of the NEFAB Programme.

The NEFAB air navigation airspace providers will continue series of activities aimed to improve airspace and service performance in terms of cost efficiency, airspace efficiency for civil and military users, and reduced environmental impact.

These five years will bring greater scale benefits for our airspace users, through seamless Free Route operations within the NEFRA region, i.e. NEFAB and DK/SE FAB, and the Borealis Free Route Airspace programme extending Free Route operations to a large portion of the Northern Europe by 2020.

Enhanced business angle of NEFAB Programme will be another priority in the coming years. ANSPs will team up within NEFAB to enhance internal business arrangements and exploit common business opportunities. NEFAB Programme will work closely with the states and NSAs to agree and align ANSPs and States strategies and implementation plans, and enable feasibility of decided strategic and business targets.

These activities are the best example of commitment to our customers and the initiative of the Single European Sky, working to improve the performance of air traffic management in Europe.

The Business Plan 2016-2020 is enclosed herein and in the Planning Documents section under the Documents.