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Network Manager organises Free Route Airspace workshop

Network Manager organises Free Route Airspace Workshop

July 07 2015

The Network Manager organised an Operational Workshop on the Cross-Border Implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA) in Brussels, on 29-30 June 2015.

The workshop examined issues and sought practical methods for facilitating the future cross-border implementation of free route operations across Europe. A number of stakeholders - including States, ANSPs and FABs, and aircraft operators - came together to share their experiences and discuss the evolution of cross -border Free Route Airspace implementation.  Participants discussed a number of topics, such as airspace design, flight planning, Route Availability Document (RAD), detailed implementation actions, Airspace Management (ASM), airspace user requirements, NM system changes, and NM airspace validations.

The NEFAB Programme was represented by Juha Holstila (Finavia and NEFRA Expert Group), to present and discuss the North European FRA (NEFRA) Programme, evolution of its implementation, and lessons learned.

More detailed information and all presentations of the workshop are available on EUROCONTROL’s website at