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Airspace users

Free Route Airspace (FRA)
NEFAB FRA is a key enabler in the NEFAB Programme for operational flexibility and benefits for the airspace users. Other elements are being implemented to support ATC and users in FRA operations, such as improved coordination between air traffic control centres and with the Network Manager enhancing capacity and maintaining safety levels. Changes in Airspace Management has been implemented involving structural changes in design of temporary segregated areas, enhancements in Flexible Use of Airspace processes in order to improve airspace management and predictability for civil and military users.

The shortest trajectory is not necessarily the most efficient. NEFAB FRA concept solution is based on user preferred trajectories, enabling operators to plan and operate most efficient trajectories taking all variables into consideration (distance, time, unit rates, and winds).

Free Route Airspace extension 
The FRA is covering Norway (Norway FIR), Finland (Finland FIR), Estonia (Tallinn FIR/UIR) and Latvia (Riga FIR/UIR), and is implemented as low as possible:

  • FL95 – FL660 in Finland and Estonia
  • FL95 – FL460 in Latvia
  • FL135 – FL660 in Norway

Free Route Airspace in Bodo Oceanic  FIR will be implemented FL 195 – FL660, pending ICAO approval during 2016.

Fixed route network maintained 
ATS-route network is maintained as an option for the airspace users, and ensures connectivity with adjacent and subjacent fixed route network airspace.

FRA interface with Denmark and Sweden (NEFRA)
NEFAB and Danish/Swedish FAB  are cooperating to establish a seamless FRA interface between NEFAB FRA and DK/SE FAB FRA (North European FRA Programme - NEFRA). Seamless interface is enabling flight planning across the FAB and State borders without requirement to plan and cross the borders at specified points.

As the first step, common flight planning rules for FRA were implemented in November 2015, followed by seamless cross-border FRA operations between NEFAB East (Estonia, Finland, Latvia) and DK/SE FAB on 23 June 2016. The work is ongoing to remove remaining coordination points on the borders of Norway.

NEFRA is the interface between NEFAB FRA and DK/SE FAB FRA: